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Kenneth Brastad

Me, gear, guitars & guestbook

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Up close & personal


I`m a 27 year old musician from Norway. I have a psycothic passion for music and is probably the most annoying guy You`ve ever met if we get into a discussion regarding this topic.

I also have a wonderfull son named Andreas who lives with me on a permanent basis. He is my love, pride & light!



My "gear":


Vigier Excalibur Custom (hand-made in France).

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Hot-rod Flames)

LTD (ESP) M200FM (See-Through Black)

Ibanez V300 Accoustic

Ibanez PF5 Accoustic

Effects & Pre-Amps-

Line6 Pod XT Live Pro

Line6 POD2 Pro

Digi-Tech RP12


Halkan`s Model Custom 60W Combo (Custom buildt in Sweden)

Line6 Spider II (2x12)

Home Recording Tools-

Sonar3 - Producer Edition

Sonitus FX plug-in pack


Computer Speccs:

AMD Athlon64 3200+

1024MB DDR pc 3200 RAM


GeForce 5600FX Graphics

Hercules Game Theater XP 7.1 soundcard

Monitors & Mic:

Creative 6.1 Speakers

AKG K55 - Stereo Headphones

North DM - 828 Microphone (Works for both vocals & accoustic guitars, not the best but cheap and OK sound quality)


I have had several bands during my 12 years as an active musician, but only a few is worth mentioning like...

-Unspoken Names:

We made a self-financed demo in 98` called "Molto Doloroso", and was a progressive metal band with a gothic twist. This band included members like Ronny Kaasa (In_Zekt), Erlend Caspersen (All Seeing I, Blood Red Throne, Carpathian Forrest etc.) & Hanne Hukkelberg (Up and coming jazz singer from Norway).

- In Extenso:

This was an ethnic sounding band with Violins, piano, percussion, bass & guitar. We made one demo in 2000 that was just called "In Extenso" featuring Ida Cecilie Tingstein & myself on vocals. We did several gigs including some funny stuff in Estonia. Some of my accoustic songs are from this period.

- Ashes To Ashes:

I started singing for this "Gregorian" metal band in 2000, and recorded my first album with them the same Year called "Shapes Of Spirits". In 2002 we released our second album called "Cardinal VII" and was signed to a Duch record Label called "DVS Records".

That same Year we had the pleassure of playing at the "Elements Of Metal" festival in Norway With other acts like "Susperia", "Highland Glory", "Arch Nemesis", "Einherjer", "Guardians Of Time" etc. And we also played at the "Prog Power" festival in The Netherlands co-Headlining the final day with "After Forever". AtoA is the recent band that I left.

At the present I am concentrating all my work around my new band called "Lucid Moon" where I went back to my "roots" and started to play guitar again. We will enter Toproom Studio August the 19th this year to record our debut album.

It`s simple and raw Rock n`roll/Hard Rock with a progressive twist and suits me perfectly as a musician and where I am in life today.


Favourite Music:

My musicaly taste is quite devided. I like a lot of different things and here is some of them.

- Symphony X (Progressive Metal)
- Angra (Symphonic Speed Metal)
- Big Bang (Norwegian Rock)
- Ozzy Osbourne
- Nick Cave
- Robbie Williams
- Foo Fighters
- Ayreon (Progressive rock/metal)
- Steve Vai (My God!!!)
- The Police
- Ab Und Zu (Norwegian Pop/Jazz)
- D`Sound (Norwegian Funk/Pop)
- Living Colour (Funk/Rock)
- Tower Of Power (Soul/Funk)
- Flower Kings (Progressive Rock)
- Pink Floyd
- Dream Theater
- Kate Bush
- a Perfect Circle
- Al DiMeola (Fusion/Jazz)

These are just a few of my favourites... I am very fond of classical music and Jazz too...


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Favourite Musicians:

-Ron Thal (Bumblefoot)

-Victor Wooten (Div)

-Steve Smith (Div)

-Les Claypool (Primus)

-John Petrucci (Dream Theater)

-Zakk Wylde (Ozzy)

-Al DiMeola (Div/Solo)

-Steve Vai (Div/Solo)

-Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

-Erlend Caspersen (All Seeing I/Div)

-Virgil Donati (Planet X/Div)

-Hellhammer (Mayhem/Div)

-Shawn Lane (Solo, R.I.P)

-Sting (The Police/Solo)

-Albert Lee (Ten Years After/Solo)

-Steve Lukather (Toto/Solo)

-Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen)

-Kiko Loureiro (Angra)

-Joey Tafolla (Solo)

-Allan Holdsworth (Solo/Div)

-Paul Gilbert (Solo/Mr. Big/Div)

-Marty Friedman (Megadeth/Solo)

-Stephan Fortè (Adagio)

-Michael Romeo (Symphony X)

-Richie Kotzen (Poison/Solo)

This list could go on and on.... there are so many great musicians/songwriters out there. I have a passion for music in general so it`s hard to narrow it down to only a few.

But these guys has inspired me a lot, and as You probably see... there is not only guitarplayers, but also drummers & bassplayers. It`s important to keep Your mind open to all kinds of music.