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Kenneth Brastad

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Well.... finally I decieded to get myself a homepage to share some of my strange music that probably won`t appear on an album in the near future. Often because it`s to weird or to soft for my band/bands.


I have written quite a few songs/tunes over the years I have played and I will present them as they are. Often it`s guitar/vocal stuff with crappy synth`s and drum machines since I don`t have the oppertunity to do a complete recording at home yet. I am also a terrible soundguy, so if You have a feeling that: "This sounds really crap"! Then You`re probably right hehe....

As You opened this page you could hear a song that automaticly started playing.

I wrote this song in about 2-3 hours, and recorded it in about 4-5 hours. Most of the time were used to programming the drums hehe.... I wrote it cause I wondered what a mix of "Dream Theater", "Helloween", "Ayreon" & "Symphony X" might sound like! (Yeah I know I`m weird hehe)
I`m not a skilled musician like the once I just mentioned, but I did my best & hope that someone might enjoy it :)

The song is called "Beyond Sanity" and my shitty lyrics can be found under the (D`oh) Lyrics section.

And as the pictures might indicate.... No! I`m not completely sane.... fortunately....